Terms & Conditions

By log in to the website https://befriends.cz you confirm that you become familiar with these terms, you agree with them and agree that you will respect them.


1. General Provisions

1.1 These general conditions of use set up the rules for registered users of the web https://befriends.cz.

1.2 These rules are legally binding between users and provider as well as among users.

1.3 Befriends.cz is a web interface that allows registered users to insert advertisements not on a commercial content. Web befriends.cz also allows registered users to communicate with each other on a web via chat or use other applications mentioned on the website befriends.cz.

1.4 Logging in to a web befriends.cz user declares that he is familiar with the contents of these use conditions of web befriends.cz


2. Definition of Terms

2.1 By provider is meant the company:

Name: BeFriends

ID: 05336856

Address: Kodaňská 1459/48, Praha 10

Contact: https://befriends.cz/o-nas


2.2 Websites means befriends.cz established and maintained by the provider.

2.3 By user is meant any natural person who registers on the website and thus creates own profile.

2.4 By profile is meant a set of user's information consisting of data mentioned in Art. 3.2. of these conditions.

2.5 Service of provider means providing web space and creating a profile on the website. Users can upload advertisements on this website. Part of the service is also storing the information on a secure server of provider.


3. A registration

3.1 To use the service of provider is entitled only registered user.

3.2 During registration is user obliged to state e-mail, users name, date of birth and password. Based on these data is created users profile.

3.3 Registration on the website is free.

3.4 Each user is entitled to create only one profile. If the provider finds out that user is using multiple profiles, is entitled at its discretion

a) cancel all user profiles or

b) cancel only one / s user profiles.

3.5 The user undertakes to update the information contained in the Article. 3 of these conditions every time informarmation change. Provider is not responsible and doesnt guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy and timeliness of the content of profile and information published at this profile.

3.6 Provider is not responsible for damages resulting from false, incomplete and outdated information about user listed on the website.

3.7 All users data are stored on the provder's secure server. These data are published on the website in the range set by the user and is only used to allow the insertion of advertising.

3.8 Provider sends all information to the user into email address entered during user registration.

3.9 User is entitled to submit a written request to cancel its profile on the website. The provider is obliged to comply with this request within 30 working days in receipt of the request.


4. Working principle of website befriends.cz

4.1 Provider provides web space on a websites to users. Users can post there advertisements, communicate with each other. On conditiones mentioned here.

4.2 Users do not pay any fee to the provider for providing web space.

4.3 Provider is not responsible for the quality of the ad.

4.4 The user is not entitled to use the web site for commercial purposes.


5. Rules of placement advertising on the website befriends.cz

5.1. Advertisement is placed on website via the web form.

5.2. In this web form the user must mention especially text of advertisement and advertising category.

5.3. Provider is not responsible for the completeness, truthfulness and timeliness of the information specified by the user in Art. 5.2.

5.4 Users are not allowed to use the website for the commercial sale of goods or for commercial offering of services. As commercial offering goods or services is considered any negotiation in terms of profit results. No matter if user has or hasn't a trading licence or another type of business licence

5.5 If user break any obligation imposed on him in Art. 5 of these conditions, the user is obliged to compensate the provider all damage that has arisen.


6. The rights and duties of users

6.1. User agrees that it inserted advertisements, as his actions on the website will be in compliance with the legislation of Czech Republic and good manners.

6.2. User is obliged to provide information about himself truthfully. Information cannot be misleading, deceptive. If user breaks this duty provider does not take responsibility for damage caused by indicating that incorrect information by the user.

6.3. The user uses a website on his own responsibility. In spite of every precaution provider can not guarantee that the user did not mention or is not mentioning false or incomplete information.

6.4. User is not allowed to use website befriends.cz for illegal activities, illegal transactions and fraud.

6.5. User further agrees

a) that his inserted pictures do not contain erotic or pornographic elements,

b) that his advertisements do not contain advertising or links to website with the same or similar content as befriends.cz,

c) that user won't collect, disseminate data of other users listed on the website for a fee and free of charge, and that in the case of breach of this obligation is obliged to compensate the provider all damage that has arisen.


7. The rights and obligations of the provider

7.1. Provider is entitled, in his own accord, to cancel or block user's profile, delete messages and reports in cases the user has broked any obligation mentioned in these conditions, especially

a) when user during registration uses illusory, false or misleading information,

b) in case user will on the website use vulgarisms, attack other users or administrators of provider, as user will during communication on the internet chat or messages use false or misleading statements,

c) the user breaks any obligation for inserting advertisement referred to in Article. 5 of these conditions,

d) the user breaks any obligation imposed him in Art. 6 of these conditions.

7.2. Provider has the right to unilaterally terminate the operating of the website befriends.cz.

7.3. Provider does not guarantee and is not responsible for the ongoing continuity of website befriends.cz.


8. Protection of Personal Data

8.1. The Provider collects personal information only in extent that these conditions determine, and only for the purposes specified in these conditions.

8.2. All personal data on the user's profile provider stores only in electronic form.

8.3. The user declares that he agrees with the processing of personal data.

8.4. Consent given by the user for the processing of personal data can user take but. But user must do in written form.

8.5. The Provider undertakes not to provide the information given by the user to third parties.


9. Change in Terms of use Website befriends.cz

9.1 Provider is entitled to unilaterally change the conditions of usesing website..

9.2. Obout this change provider informs the users on the website or in the form of messages sent to users. In case the user does not agree with the content of the changed conditions of using website has the right to ask the provider to cancel the profile. The provider is obliged to comply with this request within 30 working days from receipt of the request.

9.3 The user agrees with the wording of the current version of the conditions of using website in every use of his profile. Each user is responsible for the continuous monitoring conditions of using website befriends.cz.


10. Final Provisions

10.1. Questions not expressly regulated by these terms and conditions are abide by the laws of the Czech Republic, particularly the civil code.

10.2. The contracting parties undertake to settle any disputes arising from these conditions of using website befriends.cz primarily amicably. Provider and the user therefore agrees that any disputes arising from the relationship between the provider and the user or in connection with them will be the provider and the user solve first with an independent mediator and only in case of failure of mediation will exercise dispute in court. Provider and user claim that a mediator will be appointed from persons remaining on the list of accredited mediators with the Czech Bar Association or a list of mediators.

10.3. These conditions of using website befriends.cz are valid from 2nd November 2016.


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